building for the future

The message doesn't change, but the building must

The church is body of constant renewal.  As one generation ages, a new generation is born again and the cycle repeats.  Over the past 30 years of Life Church we have seen incredible growth, not least in our children and youth attendance.  These future leaders, pastors, servants and evangelists will continue to invite and inspire growth at Life Church.

So we prepare and plan for that growth, investing in a bigger space with more opportunities and better facilities.  

how we got here

A brief history

Launching in 1993, we purchased our current building in 1997 to house our growing congregation. Within 3-4 years, we began to hit the ceiling of our limited parking and sanctuary size. Then in 2010, we moved to two Sunday services to accommodate our growth. We also purchased adjacent property to expand parking and build at our current location. Over the past few years, we’ve prayerfully clarified our vision, mission and values. And we continue to grow—new people, more small groups, expanding kids and youth ministries.

This growth leads to the constant challenge of significant restrictions. Our sanctuary seating exceeds 85% capacity each week and our 25 parking spaces cannot hold the over 60 cars that are counted per service. We have no dedicated youth space for the Alive Youth Ministries, which often exceeds 60 students in attendance. And our elementary-age kids ministries continue to grow, but our ministry space is limited. Our church daycare/preschool also has limited space with constant waiting lists in various age groups. 

Our mission to grow with God, connect with people and serve with purpose is often confined by the restrictions of our facilities. Therefore, new ministries and fresh ideas are tabled for “somewhere down the road.” Most of all, we feel the restriction upon our desire to reach more people for Christ in our community. Where will they park? Where will we seat them? How can we accommodate them and make them feel welcome when our over-crowded spaces feel intimidating to a guest?

We have renovated every space in our church building, as well as the Life House multiple times. But the 1955 cornerstone on our building speaks the truth. We minister in a dated facility that was not designed for our life-giving congregation. It has become a box that restricts us with all that God has called us to do.

moving forward

the vision

So we are taking a big step into FORWARD VISION. We are preparing to build a new worship facility that will be under one roof with three times our current square footage. It will include a sanctuary that is solely dedicated as worship space with double the seating capacity of our current facility. We will have a spacious lobby area to welcome newcomers and help facilitate our vibrant relational connections. It will have a dedicated youth ministry area and double our Life Kids ministry area. All this will include over 100 parking spots for all who attend.

How we get there

how you can participate in forward vision

Cost analysis for this project is sizeable with the new construction of the building and sitework estimated at $6.7 million. There are also contingency fees and additional overhead costs that could add on an additional $2 million. Clearly, this is a costly move, but we must engage in faith and advance with the vision that God has given LIFE CHURCH. This big move requires a BIG FAITH, and we believe God has positioned us to do it.

FORWARD VISION is a 2 year a congregational initiative designed to raise the additional monies that will bridge the gap between our current financial holdings and the anticipated $4-5 million construction loan for the new building.

After extensive financial analysis, it is projected that our 24-month fundraising capacity to be in the range of $350,000 to $650,000 with a mid-range of $500,000. This would exceed our current margins of monthly financial profits. We believe God will help us to reach our goals to break ground, and ultimately build a new home for LIFE CHURCH with all ministries under one roof!

This FORWARD VISION move will take us to a new level of influence in our community. But it will also help us grow further in becoming a church with regional impact in the greater Philadelphia area. And the “GO” value for world missions and church planting will grow to a whole new level.

Whether you’ve been part of Life Church for years, or you just started attending, we want you to get involved and ask the Lord to connect your heart with what He is doing through our church. Listen for Him to give you direction on how He would have you participate in the Forward Vision. No matter the dollar amount you feel led to give, we believe that if you give what God has placed on your heart, we will see the fruition of our prayers as we build for the future of God's kingdom in Springfield and central Delaware County.

give to the vision

now - march 2026

We are challenging everyone who is part of the LIFE CHURCH family to partner together in a 2-year season of sacrifice. Help us by praying that our FORWARD VISION initiative will become a reality, that every dollar we need to break ground is raised over the next two years. Secondly, seek God’s direction in how He wants you to respond with sacrificially giving. Finally, make the move. Take your best faith-filled step in this FORWARD VISION journey. 

You can set up your recurring giving inside of our giving platform using the button below.


“It’s Time!” You just feel it in the air as we gather at Life Church. God is on the move and He’s giving us the unique opportunity to make room for others to experience Jesus and His transforming power. But the challenges of our growth bring us to the point of the big step of faith. It’s time for us to construct a new facility to house the expanding Life Church family.

This is a five-week focus on our building initiative. We’re calling it FORWARD VISIONWe’ll lay out the case for this forward move, and you’ll learn about how we’re going to partner together to build this new worship facility. We’ll all be inspired by the account of God bringing His people to the waters of the Jordan in Joshua 3. The impossible becomes reality as God parts flood waters. You’ll apply it to your life, and together we’ll use it to build our faith. 


frequently asked questions

want to know more?

We understand you may have more questions and we are happy to answer them.  You can click the image to visit our frequently asked questions, as well as the presentation of information from the Forward Vision launch.  

We will also be hosting additional presentations during February and March on Sunday mornings.  If you would like to attend a presentation, or wish to arrange a meeting with church leadership regarding the Forward Vision journey, please email us at