That First Christmas


Often our Christmas traditions so overwhelm the story that the wonder of the incarnation escapes us. So we’re refocusing on the real moment when deity takes on flesh with all the accompanying doubts and fears, hopes and hardships. It’s the story of Messiah in the manger, the dawn of hope for all who have gone astray. This is “that first Christmas.”

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    The Bible makes it clear that this world in not our home. In these changing times, we feel it even more as much of our society opposes God’s ways and God’s Word. It’s tempting to become angry, or discouraged, or just give up. But this isn’t the first time God’s people have had to learn to live confidently and faithfully in a foreign land.

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  • MINDSET: Transforming your outlook on life

    Jesus tells us not to worry or be afraid. But that’s not always easy when the world around us is gripped with unrest, fear, and anxiety. So we’re focusing in November on six go-to verses in Philippians 4 that lay out powerful strategies for “transforming your outlook in life.” It’s amazing what REJOICE, PRAY, and THINK WELL can do to forge an internal health that impacts our external world for God’s purposes.


    The study of a short letter in the Bible called Titus. It’s saturated with encouragement and wisdom that is just as relevant for us today as it was in the first century. We’ll learn about principled leadership, troublemakers, and sustained devotion to God.

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  • Why church?

    We are well aware of the decline of religion due to forces like postmodernism, faith deconstruction, the rise of hyper-individualism, and the influence of those who have an axe-to-grind with the church. So it’s important that we wrestle with tough questions, and take a look deep inside. And as we do, we just may conclude that “the local church is the hope of the world.

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