frequently asked questions

FORWARD VISION is our move to build the church home we need to fulfill our current vision and the vision for the future of LIFE CHURCH. We are challenging everyone who is part of the LIFE CHURCH family to partner together in a 2-year season of sacrifice. Help us by praying that our FORWARD VISION initiative will become a reality, that every dollar we need to break ground is raised over the next two years. Secondly, seek God’s direction in how He wants you to respond with sacrificially giving. Finally, make the move. Take your best faith-filled step in this FORWARD VISION journey.

We know this comes with a lot of questions, and we will try and answer them on this page, but if you would like further discussion, please email us at to set up a time.

When will the Forward Vision pledges/commitments begin and end?

Forward Vision is a 24-month commitment beginning March 2024 and ending in February 2026. These pledges can be paid as an annual two-time gift, or weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

How do I give toward my commitment?

You can give through regular offerings at Life Church and mark your gift on the “Forward Vision Building Campaign” line. You can also give online at and designate your donation by clicking on “Forward Vision Building Fund.”

How is this different from my regular tithes?

Tithing is simply returning the ten percent that belongs to God. Tithes are funds set aside for the daily operations of the church. Our sacrificial generosity towards Forward Vision will be beyond our regular tithes and offerings.

What is the financial goal?

We’ll celebrate a win with pledges that total $350,000 to $650,000. However, we’re believing God for a $1 million miracle response in our Forward Vision campaign! This will allow us to not only install the new parking area, but to also break ground for the new building in 2-3 years.

How can I creatively give towards Forward Vision?

Many of us will cut back on lifestyle expenditures that are for our comfort and convenience. Some will postpone discretionary purchases. However, donations can also be made through stocks, bonds, IRA’s, properties, assets, vehicles, and other financial gifts.

what will the new building look like?

Early design ideas

We are preparing to build a new worship facility that will be under one roof with three times our current square footage. It will include a sanctuary that is solely dedicated as worship space with double the seating capacity of our current facility. We will have a spacious lobby area to welcome newcomers and help facilitate our vibrant relational connections. It will have a dedicated youth ministry area and double our Life Kids ministry area. All this will include over 100 parking spots for all who attend.

There is a lot to be finalized, and we are working with experienced church architects to design the new spaces.  Below are some early renderings that reflect the needs of the church, but expect these to change as we hone the design for the best facility!